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All You Need to Know about Crowdfunding for Authors & Books

crowdfunding for books & author


The truth is, publishers prefer to use crowdfund to lessen their expenses by hiring professionals like designers, editors and marketers to publish magazines, books, leaflets comics, etc. Aside from that, the main thing that is really interesting in crowdfunding is the direct interaction between readers and writers. It is like an experiment of a company on how they collaborate with the people – with all people.

How Crowdfunding for Authors and Publishers Works?

These are very simple options, yet, there is always a must to choose what is good for you.

Platforms are created for anyone who would want to crowdfund his/her works (books, comics, magazines etc.) It offers two options for publishers to choose from: Fundraising platforms that will give you the chance to connect with your audience or a full-service publisher that will use crowdfunding to make the decision on what to publish. These are very simple options, yet, there is always a must to choose what is good for you. They both provide a direct reader engagement but the decision will always fall down to the publisher’s goal and their choices. If they prefer fundraising platform, they will be able to maximize their profit and control the characteristics of the publishing process. On the other hand, if they want the full-service platform, they can distribute the book into production, bookstores and editorial platforms that may serve them the best.

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Crowdfunding Platform

This platform provides tools for publishers to publish their books and take an amount of what has been raised. It’s also the responsibility of the publisher to hire editors, printers, designers, marketers and other professionals that will be needed. On the other hand, crowdfunding publisher is the one who will publish book and other reading materials through his/her own choice. He/she enables him/herself to make choice on what books they are going to be published. They are the ones working if the author of the book don’t have marketers and editors to publish their work.

If you are a publisher and is looking forward to crowdfund, just make sure to think of what platform you are going to use as the guide on how to manage the crowdfunding business. Online books are now hit to millennials. Some of them tend to spend their time reading online even if he/she is paying for it but it’s not the issue here. Do they know what is really happening beyond the production of the books? Is it crowdfunded? Or is it posted by the one who really made it? How about the crowdfunding platforms? The difference of the two crowdfunding platforms before that reading materials were published? How are they processed?


Crowdfunding authors are mostly the online publishers. They are the ones who fully receives the biggest percentage of crowdfunding because they are getting the fund through the crowd who are simply reading the books they had published. How much do they get from crowdfunding? It is always better to ask for assistance to avoid conflicts and confusion on the benefits that one will receive from the crowdfunding business. It is always a matter of choice for the publishers. Want to crowdfund or not? If yes, Fundraising or Full-service platform? The choice is yours.[Start your own crowdfunding platform for publishing industry]

Want to discuss more on your own custom crowdfunding platform for authors, books and publishers. Get in touch with us now to speak with our pre-sales executives.

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