Open Source Crowdfunding Software 2016

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We are providing open source crowdfunding software for all our product. When we say open source software means 100% open source. Crowdfunding software in your full control. All packages of our product have different package for open source.  Open source crowdfunding software is good option in compare to other competitors package. We are giving full control on crowdfunding software and Your technical team also have direct communication with our development team for any question or technical help. We are committed to help you to achieve your goal. Our crowdfunding platform has been design in way that can be customize very easily. you need to have good development team.

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We have fix pricing for all open source package and we are not providing any discount on pricing for any package. You will be lucky if you getting any discount from our sales team.


We are providing open source software for certain numbers of domain. It is not allowed for unlimited domains. We have our contract from legal department team and We need to follow that contract and term & condition.

How it works ?

Once customer is ready to purchase open source package. We send contract for review and customer sign and send us back. We will request customer to mention all domain name in contract that going to use for crowdfunding software. If you don’t have domain name in this case you need to add 1 domain name least. During this process, We want to make sure customer is legit and no fraud. We can cancel our deal or return money if we find that customer is not legit and can resell our open source package in freelancer world.

Return :

No return has been offered for any product. It is our business decision and We don’t discuss on this point.


All payments must sent in our bank account. We don’t accept credit card or any other payment system. We hate as they don’t support digital product. There are no other alternative available at this moment.


We have certain support duration for all package. We are expecting when customer is purchasing our open source package means they have team in house and We are providing technical support to customer technical team for certain period. We are not providing updates in open source package.


Once customer make payment. It takes 2 to 3 days to deposit in our bank. Our Account team once confirm that payment is completed. Our software development team will install on your server and run manual testing and configured different setting for software Like Configuration of Sandbox , Facebook and other API. We also fixed all bugs if we find during testing. Customer and Customer team will have direct communication with project manager for question. No Ticketing system. Once installation is completed than regular ticketing system will help you and us to manage support period.