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11-keys to getting your project funded on a site like kickstarter

kickstarter-fundraisingKickstarter is a website where artists, entrepreneurs can post a page or start a campaign to accept donations. In return, they will offer prizes and goodies to the people to contribute. Here you will have to set a target or goal and you need to reach it in order to get paid. That means, if you ask for a thousand, and get 900, you will not get anything. Paypal or Amazon is used for payments through kickstarter. Getting started is not difficult here, but getting successful is really hard. Here are some tips to help you getting your project funded on a site like kickstarter.com:

Tip 1: Don’t ask more than you need
This is very important. People, who are ready to contribute, are also good in math too. Asking more than you need is like saying them, ‘I need money’ instead of saying ‘Help me do it’. In fact, if you ask less than you need you might get better response. So calculate the exact amount first.

Tip 2: Make a video
There is nothing better than showing the contributors what you are up to. When they will see themselves what will be the future of your campaign, they will try to help you. If your video presentation is attractive, this will also get you more shares and likes too.

Tip 3: Don’t make a ‘long’ video
Well, videos are nice to present your ideas. But nobody wants to see a long video. They are here to donate, so you should not make them bore. Make a short, enthusiastic video to get positive results.

Tip 4: Entertain people
The videos you post with your project must be entertaining, simple and shows exactly what you want to do. Remember, if it fails to entertain and attract them, you will gain less from it.

Tip 5: Give some prizes
People, who contribute should be notified that they are welcomed. And the best way to do that is giving some prizes or souvenirs. Give them some rewards or small prizes so that they can feel your gratitude. And it will also help you to get their attention again in future.

Tip 6: Short explanation
There is no need to explain why you need to ask for money. Just tell them what you are going to do with that money with a short demonstration. Excuses are not required here because they want to hear your short story and demonstration.

Tip 7: Success history
It is also important to have a history of success because people have to know what you are capable of. Show them your previous projects or successful works to assure them. This is very important because no one wants to give you their money if you can’t give them assurance that you know what you are planning to do or achieve.

Tip 8. Read other’s story
Go through the success stories, kickstarter blog to know more about other’s campaign. This knowledge will help you to get more ideas and tips.

Tip 9. Respond immediately
When someone donates, immediately send him a thank note. This will make them feel noticed and appreciated.

Tip 10. Support others
You may have your own campaign, but you should also help others to achieve theirs. You will get help from them too in return.

Tip 11. be honest
The final tip is being honest with your campaign. Kickstarter.com always appreciates honesty and it will help you get more contribution.

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